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Steve Rajeckas

Welcome to Riddlepedia - your digital haven for riddles that tease the mind, tickle the funny bone, and touch the heart. Born from a spark of curiosity and a deep-seated love for the enigmatic, Riddlepedia is more than just a website; it's a vibrant community for riddle lovers far and wide. From the ancient riddles etched in stone to the latest brain teasers that have the internet buzzing, our collection is as boundless as your curiosity.

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Our Quest: To spread the joy of riddles across the globe. Riddlepedia aims to ignite curiosity, challenge intellects, and celebrate the art of riddling. Whether you're a puzzle enthusiast looking to test your wits, a teacher in search of the perfect classroom brain teaser, or someone who enjoys the sheer thrill of solving, you've found your tribe.

Our Story

The Journey Begins: In the year 2024, amidst a sea of online mediocrity, founder Steve Rajeckas created Riddlepedia. Frustrated by the lack of quality riddle resources, he set out to create the ultimate riddle destination - a place where quality trumps quantity, and the joy of solving is universal.

Steve Rajeckas

Steve — an avid riddle lover — formerly owned a writing service, WeWriteBlogPosts.com. Currently, he serves as the Content Manager at Authority Hacker.

He graduated from The College of New Jersey in 2016 with a B.A. in English Literature and a minor in Professional Writing.

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Join the Riddle Revolution: Got a riddle that's been keeping you up at night? A suggestion to make Riddlepedia even better? We're all ears! Our community thrives on feedback and the shared joy of riddling.

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At Riddlepedia, we're not just curators; we're passionate riddle-masters, conundrum collectors, and guardians of the age-old tradition of riddling. Our mission is to deliver the most diverse, captivating, and mind-bending riddles from every corner of the globe. We see a riddle as more than a puzzle; it's a gateway to curiosity, a test of intellect, and a celebration of mental agility.